"No man is an island" is a common by-word. It simply means that you cannot live your life or survive in this world without the aid of others. That's basically why there is a relationship. But relationships aren't of the same kind and quality. Some are weak; some are strong. Whatever is that relationship that you are cherishing right now, the tips provided below can help you strengthen it.




Conversations like saying happy birthday brother, greeting cards, emails, phone calls and kind gestures are all examples of communication. If you do not want to dishearten a special person in your life, then do not withhold them of these. They all make your relationship intact and strong because you are making it known that you mean with your relationship. On the other hand, the absence or lack of communication, things get vague and you tend to develop misunderstandings.




Taking the extra mile is always welcome with any relationship, so long as it is meant to make it stronger and firmer. Although you think you have done all the right things in  your relationship and that it seems to be going on the right path, thoughtful actions just make things worth more than cherishing. Special occasions and celebrations like anniversaries, birthdays, first day or work and many more are worth celebrating, so do not forget to think of a special way of making your special person feel that you are simply on his or her either side, supporting and caring.




Not all events inside a relationship are pleasing. So always be prepared. Do not get angry outright when things do not go the way you supposed them to be. Do not surrender when some plans do not work out. Give it some time and more importantly, be patient. If you are sad, depressed, afraid or hurt, the other person may also be. So just be understanding. Do not rush into things. Understand your loved one and try to understand things even when they seem to be so hard to decipher.



A relationship is a possession worth taking care of and keeping. Keep it alive, make it work, make it strong. Do so by not cutting your line of communication, showing acts of thoughtfulness and then of course, being someone who understands. These will definitely not make you and your loved one down. Here are 100 Funny Happy Birthday Meme Images Pictures